Naturopathy can help with:
    •   Chronic Pain
    •   Bone / Joint Problems
    •   Allergies
    •   Backpain
    •   Migraine
    •   Skin Problems
    •   Burn Out
    •   Metabolic Disorder
    •   Sports Injury
    •   Food allergies

Food and Nutrition
  •   Nutrition consultancy based on Ayurveda
    •   Profile of Mineral deficit through Bioresonance testing.

Special Programs
   • Weight loss
   • Strengthening the Immune System
   • Natural Anti-Aging Therapy (NAAT)
   • Orthomolecular and Botanical Medicine
   • Dr Schuessler Cell Salts

Environmental Medicine
   •   Detoxification
   •   Relaxation techniques
   •   Children and Family Medicine
Dr Michael Billmann ND
DAM, ND, DHM, LicAc, Registered Germany
Alternative and Homeopathic Medicine
Member of BDHN and DGG, Germany

Dr Michael Billmann is a German registered Naturopath, a Doctor of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. He came to Singapore in 2004 after years of successful practice in his clinics in Bavaria, Germany.

Over the years, Michael Billmann has developed his own style of treatment, which combines the latest scientific knowledge of Nobel Prize winners with ancient traditional medical systems such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

He is fascinated by the accuracy of Pulse reading, Face Analysis and Reflexology readings.
For Naturopathy
call Michael Billman at
Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CCAM)
Tel: (65) 6734 6440 / 96308890
Michael Billmann's teachers in Germany are well known in the fields of Bio-Resonance and Informational Medicine. Based on his studies and experiences, Michael Billmann is able to diagnose a patient properly without using many technical gadgets.

“Studies, observations and treatments with patients prove that our human organism is the greatest miracle in Nature.”

Michael Billmann's mission is to share this knowledge with you for a better understanding towards better health and lifestyle.

What is a Naturopath?
A German Naturopathic Physician is similar to a general practitioner, except that the practitioner uses herbs, homoeopathy and other natural remedies.

Dr Billmann does not use chemical drugs. His main task is to help people prevent disease, taking into consideration the fact that everyone is a unique human being and has his or her individual weakness and strengths.

Who can consult a Naturopath?
Everybody – from children to elderly people. It does not matter if you feel healthy or you are suffering from any health problems.

What conditions do a Naturopath treat?
Michael Billmann's patients consult him about all kind of problems, from a simple cough to Sinuses, Asthma, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, etc. Simply put, a naturopath is trained to handle the “A to Z” of medical conditions.

His treatments are holistic, safe and integrated.
What does Dr Billmann specialise in?
Michael Billmann's patients are those who prefer a natural treatment with no side effects.

By detecting and treating the root cause of the sickness, all the other symptoms will automatically disappear.

Dr Billman focuses on prevention. If necessary, he will refer patients to consult specialists in other fields of complementary and alternative medicine whom he works closely with.

Why Alternative Medicine and Prevention?
As we grow older, more toxins accumulate in our bodies. This may lead to various chronic diseases. The earlier you know more about yourself and how to prevent diseases according to your individual constitution, the better it is.

Can Dr Billmann treat children?
Yes. He likes to work with children. He finds that they react fast to natural treatments as well as to Dr Schuessler Cell Salts treatments.

It is important for everyone to seek a professional consultancy early enough to detect and prevent problems through very simple and easy measures. Thus, the younger the patient, the better.

What happens during a typical consultation and treatment session?
    •    Diagnostics – including family history and a look into your daily routines and food habits as part of the analysis.
    •    Pulse reading and Iris diagnostics
    •    Somatotopie testings
    •    No Needle Acupuncture – a non-invasive acupuncture technique to balance energy
          combined with other non invasive techniques.
    •    Food and Diet recommendation
    •    Therapy plan to follow the recommendations.
    •    Supplement testing

Why is this energy medicine so effective?
BIONRGY is a form of energy medicine that focuses on the base of our organism: the cells.

Once the cells are healthy, you are healthy.

Pulsating Bioresonance therapy is equivalent to recharging our inner batteries and immune system – without any side effects.

Combined with other bioenergetic therapies like Cell salts or Herbs, it is very effective to transport the required nutrients into the cells.

If the cells are happy you are happy.

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