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Geoff Beaty DN   MNHAA
OrthoDynamics  Practitioner / Naturopath

Trained by a third generation Herbalist and Naturopath in WA has given Geoff a deep respect for the traditions in Western Herbalism and the amazing amount of knowledge about the bounty of the natural world that provides our food and natural medicine for us. He finished his herbalist training over 27 years ago but learning about health never ceases, so he keeps up with ongoing study and courses.

Geoff's reputation in Western Australia was built on his ability to diagnose the underlying causes of disease beyond signs and symptoms and getting to the root cause.

With this approach of treating the symptoms but also going deeper and dealing with the conditions that created the problem in the first place gets lasting results. Geoff likes to use herbs, diet, some supplements, OrthoDynamics and TBM (see below) and lifestyle changes to make lasting health improvements. He also says that "I am a realist and do not demand extreme diets or lifestyle regeimes that are impossible to live with".
Whilst he is able to treat all types of disease there are several areas of speciality and these include:

•    Osteo-Arthritis
•    Fertility problems both Male and Female.
•    Prostate Enlargement.
•    Women's hormonal difficulties.
•    Syndrome X (also known as Metabolic Syndrome or Pre-Diabetes. Many people do not know they have this but the most obvious symptom is weight gain around the middle that is hard to shift)
•    Weight Loss.
•    Liver problems (including Hepatitis - all types)
•    High Cholesterol
•    Allergies
•    Headaches including Migraines
•    Immune System Deficiencies
•    Recurrent illnesses ie Chronic Tonsillitis
•    Memory and Concentration
•    Low Energy
•    Stress / Anxiety
•    Anti Ageing
Geoff is a very skilled bodyworker with over 37 years of experience and the developer of a very powerful type of bodywork technique called OrthoDynamics. It accesses and releases "myofascial trigger points" which are long held trauma and pain locked in the body. The release of the trigger points allows the vertebra to move back into alignment without the need for violent manipulation or force. OrthoDynamics enables the body to recover from chronic spinal problems, misalignments and imbalances gently.

Geoff also uses a form of Kinesiology known as TBM (Total Body Modification). TBM actually speeds up the recovery time of many issues by activating the body's own systems rather than waiting for them to recover.

Geoff has given many talks and lectures in Australia, the USA and Singapore.

Diploma of Naturopathy (Dip N. Herbal Major)  •
  Member of National Herbalists Association of Australia (MNHAA)  •
Advanced Herbalist Training  •
TBM Practitioner (Kinesiology)  •
Bowen Technique (Bodywork)  •
Reiki 1 & 2  •
Touch for Health  •
Edukinesthetics(Kinesiology)  •
Orthobionomy (A spinal correction technique)  •
A wide range of Psychology and Personal Growth Courses  •
A couple of short stories about recent health successes:

JM was informed by an Insurance Company that to be covered in his new place of employment he would need to get his cholesterol reading down from its current 365 mg/dl to around 155 mg/dl to be considered for insurance cover within 6 weeks. I put him on a tough diet and exercise regime and everything I knew to get his cholesterol down as quickly as possible. He achieved 175 mg/dl and lost 2.5 kg in the process.

BW has Hepatitis C and had all the medical treatments including Interferon all of which had failed to do anything. His liver tests were all deteriorating.  Essentially he was told he must hope for a liver transplant when it got bad enough. He looked grey and felt sluggish in every area of his life, could not think clearly, was not able to exercise for lack of energy and lacked motivation for life.  Within a month of starting the herbs he looked normal colour and got his zest for life back and over the next few months everything returned to normal. After 12 months he had his annual tests done and all liver parameters had returned to normal.
OrthoDynamics is a non-invasive form of body work which effectively addresses structural pain, long term injuries and stress held in the body. It is a system of releasing the body's trauma using trigger points and gentle body movement to realign the spine and posture without manipulation.

OrthoDynamics is a conglomeration of techniques gained and adapted from over 35 years of bodywork practice by Geoff Beaty DN, MNHAA and has a foundation of Orthobionomy, a technique developed by an Osteopath, Arthur Lincoln-Paulls. OrthoDynamics draws also from other techniques including Postural Integration, Trigger Point Therapy, Rebalancing and Acupressure.  Geoff has learned, adapted and adopted these techniques and invented many of his own to solve clinical problems that the other techniques did not address. The result is a very powerful technique that resolves painful muscle spasms and body holding patterns so that the "body mind" can begin to reassert the correct postural patterns without pain. Essentially Geoff accesses the trigger points (which are stored pain & trauma) in the muscles and fascia whilst positioning the body to mimic the position at the origin of the traumatic event position thereby reminding the "body mind" of what is locked in and then to release it gently. This is done along the spine, neck and around the shoulders but can be done anywhere on the body where there is stored pain.

It usually takes from 4 to 6 sessions for serious problems to be resolved if done in concert with a good personalized movement therapy such as Pilates, Gyrotonics, Yoga etc. so that the exercise and movement reawaken the original movement patterns can be activated and the client does not fall back into the old patterns.

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