Jeanette Khoe
Massage Therapist
"I provide an effective therapeutic massage that uses a combination of deep compression and firm pressure on the affected muscles and ligaments, with specific breathing techniques, so that you may feel freedom in your body.

“It is my purpose and hope to enhance the quality of our lives, to support us in achieving joy and fulfillment, live a life of physical, mental and emotional freedom, discover our true potential, and find the courage and power to move towards it.“

Jeanette Khoe
ITEC Dip Massage Therapy
Dip Counseling Psychology

Before embarking on her therapeutic massage therapy career, Jeanette worked in an airline for 15 years. During that period, she traveled regularly to several “healing sites” in around the world and was a keen student of the mystery and meaning of life.

A former national athlete, Jeanette has always been interested in developing her physical potential. In her quest for optimum physical health, it dawned on her that real fitness is about having a good balance of the physical, emotional and mental health of a person.
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After that, for more than three years, Jeanette went through an intensive emotional release processing training in Singapore. She trained in the theoretical foundations and practical applications of applied psychology, intuitional teaching and shamanic work, breath work processes body work.

As part of her personal development and professional training, she also frequently traveled to Australia for various healing retreats and vision quests.

It was through her personal development that Jeanette found she had a healing gift with her hands. In her bodywork and massage, Jeanette is able to help clients release and relieve emotional and physical pain.
It was 1998 when Jeanette made a career change. She opened her own company and has since worked in Singapore and Bali with a chiropractor. Since 2003, Jeanette moved her practice to Osteopathic Treatment Centre and continues to work with other healthcare practitioners.

Jeanette worked on the whole body, stopping at certain hard, knotted stubborn muscles... old memories and emotions bubbled to the surface, as if a major spring cleaning had taken place.

– S Merchant, Singapore

Jeanette's combination of therapy and deep massage brings an inner healing. Deep rooted worries and concerns can be brought to the fore. She has helped me overcome some of my long-term problems.
– R Maltz-Jones, Singapore

I am suffering from deformities in bones or brittle bones. My posture tilted more to the right side of the hip. I also have a lump on my left back and I feel painful when I walk. After 10 sessions with Jeanette, I feel less pain and the lump on my left back almost disappeared.
– Mdm Seah, Singapore

I've never experienced a massage such as Jeanette's. I discovered tremendous release, not only of tension, aches and pains, but of long-held, deep seated emotions as well. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
– Dr J Taylor, Chiropractor, Bali
Jeanette Khoe
Massage Therapist
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